We Can Build Better Jobs. It’s What a Union Does.   

You have a better job than you think.

It’s better because you have the ability to make it better, regardless of your title or position. And just as important, you have other people around you who want to make jobs better, too.

We all know the workplace in today’s world can be complicated and uncertain. With the rise of the “gig” economy, student debt, and automation, it can feel like we’re facing a new set of new inequalities while still battling the old ones, like wage gaps and racial and gender discrimination. But as the world changes, new opportunities arise, and as the economy changes, so does its leaders. And with this new generation of leaders and opportunities, the future is full of hope.

As millennials become the largest generation in the workforce, they are standing together more than ever and becoming the leaders our world needs. Injustices in the workplace like low wages, inaccessible health care, and lack of benefits are being exposed on a national and global platform as millennials redefine what it means to see something wrong and do something about it. Now more than ever, millennials are connecting with each other, whether its online or in the workplace, to take on what’s wrong in the world. This generation is ready to make work better.

Millennials are addressing structural and systemic wrongs by standing together, uniting people from across all ages, races, gender, and background, and taking action. The new guard is paving the way for a future where silence is not what is expected when there is the opportunity to build something better and the tools to do it – each other.

So how do we use this era of opportunity to actually make your job better?

If you join your coworkers and become part of your union, together, you can send a powerful message that gets heard. It is the first step in creating a better job and a better future.

When you join a union like the United Food and Commercial Workers, you are not only standing with your colleagues at your workplace, you become part of a family that crosses multiple industries (food, grocery, retail, chemical, etc.) that supports your vision for a better job. You’ll never have to fight or struggle alone for something better in the workplace.

If you can dream it, together we can build it.

Here are just some of the young leaders of UFCW Local 1529 who are proud to stand together and be part of a union: