One Good Job Should Be Enough

What defines a “good job?” Ask 100 people and you’ll likely get 100 different answers. But one thing we can all agree on is that one good job should be enough to take care of ourselves and our families, to plan for the future, and be able to live a comfortable life. And having a good job ultimately starts with a healthy workplace.

A healthy workplace is one where hardworking men and women have access to quality, affordable healthcare, a safe working environment, and the ability to take care of themselves and their families without having to look for additional work to make ends meet.

And as part of a union, your union contract is what helps ensure that one good job can be enough with benefits like fair scheduling, wage increases, and paid vacation days. A strong union contract provides you and your family with the benefits you need to stay healthy and productive, both in the workplace and at home.

For nine-year Kroger member Edith Peck, who goes by Edye, customer service is the best part of her job at store #410, but she knows that affordable health care is what enables her to provide that exceptional service:

“Our health is important. Healthy employees are happy employees. They’re better with customers. You want healthy people making your food. You don’t want people who can’t afford to see a doctor when they get sick or can’t see a dentist. No one wants that. It’s better for everybody.”

And we agree! Affordable, quality healthcare is the right thing to do for business, customers, and employees.   That’s why we are currently negotiating with Kroger for a contract that protects our members’ health care, members just like Edye.

And once we reach an agreement with the company, our members will get to vote on their contract – because with a union, you have a voice, and a vote, on the things that matter.

With a strong union contract, one good job can be enough. UFCW members will continue to stand together to protect affordable health care, fair wages, and strong benefits. Our customers, neighbors, family, and friends are also standing with us because they know that this is about protecting good jobs, so that we can provide quality products and services for our community while taking care of ourselves and our families at home.