Free Foreign Language Program

Today, we are launching an exciting new benefit for UFCW members to learn a foreign language for free. The program gives UFCW members access to online classes to learn Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, and over 70 other different languages, including 20 different ESL courses.

Whether it is for travel, work, or just for fun, the UFCW’s free foreign language program makes learning a new language easy. The online classes build on four conversational skills necessary to fully learn a new language: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture.

To get started, please visit to fill out an inquiry form.

It may take a few days to verify your UFCW membership. However, once confirmed, you will receive an email that explains how to log in and begin taking free foreign language classes.

Seats in this program are limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis. If the program is full, you will be placed on a wait list until a seat opens up for you